The Morrison Legacy - 1.2

Hey!! In the last part, we saw Rena have three boys - Cyan, Emilio and Piper. They grew up cute...ish, but we're still hoping for a girl!

All Cyan does is play with his IF, which is kind of annoying. I've had to put it back in his inventory because it's all he ever does. Boy never wants to do homework or anything (which is understandable though.)

Cyan: I'm gonna eat you!!

Well, never said he played with it in a normal way.

Cyan: Aw man, been caught. Hide in my mouth!!

Rena finally can go get commissions from the city hall, which is awesome because every time she finishes a mural she earns $1000. It's such a good way to skill up too, she's almost at level 10!!

Rena: but the fumes...

Oh did I mention Rena's pregnant again? Because she is. I swear if this one isn't a girl, I'm giving up. I just want some variation, goddamnit.

Piper grows up into a cute toddler with thick eyebrows. His toddlerhood is very uneventful, both his parents are too busy to really teach him any skills. Sorry kiddo.

And that same night, it's also Cyan's birthday!! This kid is so cute, I seriously hope he grows up into a nice teenager (also pizza hat!)

Cyan: I wish for out of this crazy household, please don't make me the heir.

Ehhh it won't come true if you say it out loud Cyan.

Cyan: Shit.

Sealed his fate.

HAHAHAHA!! Punishment for disrespecting his family, growing up into the cornrows. I like the hairstyle but they just look ridiculous on this white boi. His face seems cute though. He also gained the Equestrian trait. So now he has Loves the Outdoors, Virtuoso, Mooch and Equestrian.

Cyan: Can you take me to a mirror like NOW?

Emilio: HA, I may have red hair but at least I don't look like that!!

Much nicer! Though he looks really worried... (and a lot like Rena, just with eyebrows)

Cyan: Of course I'm worried, my wish is never going to come true now.

And apparently Emilio is in trouble for some reason?

Harley: My little dude, you can't just leave the dirty dishes out like that.

Emilio: but dad, there are literally none around? I don't understand.

Harley: They're there, son. You just have to believe.

Hey, he might grow into his looks. Please.

...or not. I have no idea where those eyebrows came from, they're crazy! Piper's traits are Neurotic, Love the Outdoors and Unlucky. Interesting.

My son, you are so cute.

Meanwhile, Piper stares out the window aimlessly.

After everything has calmed down, a ready-to-burst Rena makes her way into town to check for some street art comissions. There's no break even when you're about to have a babby!

And as usual, everything goes to shit while she's gone. Harley stares at the broken sink, Piper stares at the (Broken) Emilio and Cyan is oblivious. I've let him play guiter whenever he likes, since he's a virtuoso. Though he always does it instead of doing homework.

This is one of many maids, they seriously keep changing all the time. We are not paying her for this, the Morrison's hardly have enough money as it is hahaha. Stop eating their food lady!

When Rena got down to city hall, she rolled the wish to build an igloo.

Rena: gonna sleep here, get away from my crazy family.

Harley: I don't understand technology, my little dude. Why can't people just be happy outside fishing or surfing? It's sooo much healthier.

Cyan: -doesn't care-

Later at home, it happened again.


Thankfully, for her (and mine) sake, it is. This is Fleur Morrison, she was born with the Clumsy and Loner traits. That's interesting! A bit different from her brothers!

Cyan: Please grow up to be a blonde like me, we can't let the gingers overpower us.

He is a doting brother though, he never autonomously cuddled with Piper hahaha.

We could see this lady in the distance, holding a baby which was odd.

But on closer inspection, it was Harley's ex-wife, whatshername. Stalker??

"I'll get you back, Harley Greenwood"

Maybe this is why he hates doing homework, because he does it surrounded by toilet water. That's not a great learning environment, boy.

Cyan: Yeah well neither is school.

Emilio: Hey Piper, I feel funny. Like my toes are tingly. Do you feel it?

Piper: Nah bro, it must be just you. Don't scare me though, you know it stresses me out.

Emilio: No like, it's real weird. I'm kinda scared.

This is why!

Emilio: I suddenly feel so much angrier. And like oilier. Also smellier.

But prettier. Gotta change the hair though.

Much better! I don't know what the thing on his neck is though, no one else has. But chicks dig scars, Emilio, so it's all good. He grew into the Light Sleeper trait. Probably to spite his dad. Definitely got Rena's eyes though. Probably also to spite his dad.

The boy still has to share a room and sleep on the top bunk though. I didn't end up even putting wallpaper or flooring in because they need to save money for a new house. This one is too small and there's no way another generation will fit. Till then, everyone just has to deal with the Unfinished Room moodlet. Meh, this'll teach them to appreciate things when they get a new house.

He's a good brother though, both him and Cyan end up feeding and looking after Fleur more than Rena and Harley do.

Emilio: How could I not, she's just so cute?

You say that now.

Emilio: Ugh it's so ugly in here.

See? Always with the moodlet. They're both good brothers though, seriously cute.

Rena: Please let this be the last time.

It's that time again! Get yourself stuck in the kitchen cabinet time!

"Yay!! No more screaming baby!!"

She's blonde!!! How exciting! Now the gingers only slightly outnumber the blondes! Fleur looks like such a derp though, and her face is oddly mature. Maybe when I fix her up in CAS she'll look a bit more toddlery.

There we go, adorable :3

But that's where I'll finish, I don't want to make my chapters way too long. Though there may be a bit of a delay with the next one, I just got pokemon haha. Thanks for reading!! :)

The Morrison Legacy - 1.1

Spoiler-ish header image? Sorta, but oh well :P
So last time we met our founder, Rena who got a job in business but decided to follow her passion of grafitti instead. She married surfer dude Harley Morrison (ne Greenwood) and is about halfway through her pregnancy!

Rena: Drink up my babies! Lalala~~

Did I even mention Rena was way into gardening? This is the only free space on the lot for plants though :( Hopefully one day while she's still alive I'll manage to buy a bigger lot. Seriously, it's tiny.

Halfway through the watering though...



You two...

Rena: Are you serious?

So she changed and took herself (with Harley close behind) off to the hospital via the fastest route.

Which was by boat. Hope Rena doesn't get motion sick :\

A few hours later, their first child was born!! This is Cyan Morrison, I can't quite tell who he looks like yet, hahaha. He was born with the traits Loves the Outdoors and Virtuoso. Cute, I really like the virtuoso trait. Rena and Harley seem to like him.

Back home now. This seems like a really sad scene, hahaha

And up the ladder? There wasn't enough room in the house for stairs and I had to make a second floor for extra bedrooms. So this is what they're going to have to deal with.

Harley: I never asked for this (get it cause he's wearing Adam Jensen glasses sorta. I thought it was funny)

Surfer dude puts his son to bed.

And they get straight back to woohooing (and sleeping, babies are exhausting). There's no time to waste in a legacy and Harley is a bit older than Rena, so they really have to get cracking.

Luckily it works.

Rena: Why would you do this to me?? Again?!

Sorry girl, we can't just have one heir? *shrug*

Cyan's babyhood is pretty uneventful. Harley plays him lullabies on that really really godawful gaudy guitar.

Harley: This is my favourite - X Gon' Give it to Ya

Incredibly appropriate, Harley.

Harley: Hey, gotta introduce him to the classics early on dude.

And Rena practices her graffiti. This is going to be one well-balanced kid... *cough*

Though Cyan does grow up to be a little cutie. I seriously love this kid, he's the sweetest ever.

Harley gets old and...

Rena: Shit, Harley I know it's your birthday BUT CAN YOU FOCUS ON ME? I AM HAVING YOUR CHILD.

Harley: Baby, WHAT DO I DO??!!

After much uselessness from Harley (as you can see, he's fast asleep in the background), Rena gave birth to Emilio! He's your standard baby, I hope he's a cute toddler though! He was born with the traits Sailor and Workaholic. Sailor is interesting, I've never played with that one before!

The next day they got straight onto child #3, c'mon girl! I have more girl custom content!!

Cyan continues to be adorable, and he got an IF! We named her Rose :3

But soon enough it's his birthday! in fact, it's a double birthday.

And he grows up into an interesting hairstyle choice. His face is kind of cute though right? You can't see it so much here, but he's got a face just like Rena (and eye colour!) but Harley's hair colour. I don't care about that hair style, I love this kid.

There we go, much less of an eyesore. I don't have too many hairstyles for kids, so the caps going to have to do until I download some more. I think its okay though, I put a pizza pattern on the brim.

And Emilio grows up too! He's got Rena's hair and Harley's eyes, so quite the opposite. Here he seems very proud of a booger or something. Cute.

Cyan: One please!


Cyan: Give me an ice cream!!

*ignored again*

Cyan: ~I'm just a kid and life is a nightmare~

He got one in the end, he doesn't seem very excited about it though. In fact he's really staring me down. What, Cyan? It's not my fault he wouldn't serve you. Probably couldn't see you, shortstuff.

Rena's creepy street art. Her skill level is getting there really fast, it's like a 6 or something now.

Snow!!! Ahhhh it's so pretty! (I say that now but it snowed for like 8 days continuously and got really damn annoying, no one could stay outside without freezing to death)

Harley's being a good dad. Probably teaching Emilio words like dude and shaka and tubular.

But regardless of weather, he'll still fish.

After a very uneventful toddler-hood, Emilio grows up into a very...interesting looking kid. Those cheekbones though, they look like they could cut me. I dunno, his face just looks too grown up, it's a little unsettling. That haircut is something too.

They head down to the beach (snow beach?) for some bro time too while their dad fishes. Don't ask me what Rena is up to, probably grafitting somewhere. Emilio's haircut is so bad, it just changes to that when he puts on his outerwear. I changed it to something normal in his everyday wear, I swear.

Emilio: Hey stop being mean. I can't help it okay!

Cyan: Yeah dude, lay off my brother! Just because he has red hair, doesn't mean he's less of a person.

They play in the bushes,

And then Cyan gets grumpy and walks off. Meanwhile a toddler is stuck behind in the snow?

"Help me."

Back at the house, what a familiar site.

Rena: Hey, I feel something.

You're fine.

Rena: No really, something's happening.

Rena: Oof.

After literally HOURS --

Rena: Hey, it hurts okay?

Of standing around yelling, she finally gives birth to another boy. This is Piper, he was born with the traits Love the Outdoors (another one??) and Neurotic. That's an interesting one at least. I'm determined for a girl though, so sorry Rena, gotta try again!

But we can leave that for next chapter!! Thanks for reading, I hope it was enjoyable enough!! :)

The Morrison Legacy - 1.0

Hi hi!! Welcome to the Morrison legacy - this is the first legacy I've documented since the sims 2 days and I've never gotten past 7 generations, so that's what the aim is for thisone (we'll see, hahaha). This is our founder, Rena Morrison. It was the first name that came up when I clicked random so that's what she's stuck with.

Rena: Yeah thanks, now I'm stuck with a name that sounds like renal.

Her traits are adventurous, excitable, bookworm, avant garde and green thumb. I randomised them too haha. Her LTW is to master the street art skill and create 7 masterpiece murals or something. I'm not gonna score because I don't know how to and I want to play however I want :)

I use the remainer of her money to buy a computer and like any good legacy, she gets a job asap. Since her LTW isn't career related, she can do whatever she wants. she (I) chooses business, how boring.

Side note, look how pretty this island city is. I can't remember the name, but its the premade one. Isle Paradiso??

Since Rena doesn't start till the next day, she goes out man hunting. Gotta find a husband, gotta have them kids. Since she's an avant garde sim though, she just wants to critique everything.

Rena: very Machiavellian.

Do you even know what that means?

Rena: O-of course, I went to art school!

Rena: oWo what's this?

That is Calvin (?), a sim I made and plonked in the town to change up the genetic pool. Please marry him, I want some cute blue skinned babbies!

Rena: What's wrong with his legs tho?

Hahahahaaaa yeah the height slider mod I installed doesn't quite work properly. It's okay, when you marry him we'll sort it out in CAS.

Rena: Blue doesn't make me blue!!

Calvin: and I guess I could deal with a ginger...

Though apparently it wasn't meant to be. I saved and restarted my game just after that last picture and when I came back they weren't attracted to each other anymore :( oh well, we'll look for someone else. Can't have anything less than true love for my simmies.

We'll try again tomorrow, Rena.

Also someone left a random toddler outside the library. The parents weren't anywhere around. Okay?

Sooo I got lazy and didn't choose her pyjamas, better fix that straight away.

Awww, even Rena's workplace is bright and cheery. It's so nice hahaha

After work we go man hunting again. Didn't have any luck with the fire fighter unfortunately :(

Noooo, don't jump Rena!!

Rena: but it looks so pretty :'(

No luck with the purple guy I made either. I feel so bad, I can't remember any of their names. But I seriously randomised them and then let them loose in the neighbourhood.

We have a winner! He's cute too. Besides the dumb glasses and the ripped shirt lol. His name is Harley Greenwood and he thinks Rena is hot. She likes him too.

Bad news though!!

He has a wife.
But apparently that's not a big issue for Rena. I guess when it's right, it's right.
Rena: Hey, I get what I want.

You caught me, I didn't end up changing her pjs.

Harley doesn't seem to care though (also he broke up with his wife).

Look at him, he's so proud. I guess Rena is pretty pretty.

Harley: Yeah dude, I'm so lucky!

Appreciate her boy, or I'll whoop you.

Once Harley leaves, Rena gets to work on fulfilling her LTW. She can't risk graffiting on a public lot since the fine is $1000 and we don't have that in the bank account ahaha.

Rena: Beautiful!

Yes. Very inspiring.

So pretty :(

So the next morning we invite Harley over again. I think Rena is taller than him now that I look at it hahaha.

Rena: mmmm I love the smell of man in the morning.

And with Rena's grafitti in the background, she proposes and he says yes. He'll do, his genetics interesting enough...I guess.

Rena: my dearest dear, marry me please?

Harley: of course dudette, tubular.


So Harley moves in, brings nothing but a car.

Harley: hey, I just got divorced dude. Cut me some slack.

But I did change his outfit up, tried to keep the surfer dude aesthetic going. His traits are Loves the outdoors, party animal, daredevil, heavy sleeper and angler. That seems pretty fitting. His LTW is something to do with displaying perfect fish. Probably not going to happen, but I can try.

He fishes autonomously anyway, and this just looks so pretty. I can't get over this town.

Hey plumbob.

Waaaaaay into the night.

Awww he's such a cutie, because he loves the outdoors he always sits outside to eat even though there are empty chairs inside.

Rena: So hey, I'm not feeling well enough to work. Please let me go home.

Girl you need the money, go back in.

Rena: but but...

Seriously, she stood there for ages and ages and wouldn't move back in. Finally I found out why.

Baby time >:)

Rena: holy shit, what do I do? I've never had a baby before is it going to hurt?


Rena: oh god.

Rena: all these fumes can't be good for the baby.

Because their lot is so small, the only place big enough for ground murals is the kitchen. Looks like that's where she's going to be practicing for a while.

Harley: dude, don't tell Rena!


The water is so pretty though. I know I keep saying that but wowwwwww.

And Rena gets her first street art commission! This is the best because it pays $1000 regardless of what she arts. She may not even end up needing a career if I can keep this up.

And that's where I'm going to finish because I feel like I've written way too much for the beginning. I hope you enjoyed and please leave feedback if you enjoyed reading!! :)


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